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 FIBA 3x3 

Promo-Agentur aus Berlin bei der Roadshow

Fiba 3x3 Worldtour

eastwest pro duction

FIBA 3x3 tournaments are synonymous with basketball of the highest caliber – eastwest ensures sponsors and brands get the desired exposure at these global events.

In 2015, we became one of the partner agencies for the FIBA 3x3 tournaments and now support the organization in the realization of its global 3x3 events, such as the 3x3 World Tour, 3x3 All Stars, and 3x3 World and European Championships.The FIBA 3x3 World Tour comprises professional streetball tournaments with an international focus.

The sporting events, each lasting two days, take place at venues in such locations as Prague, Tokyo, Beijing, Lausanne, and Rio. In 2016, the final is being held in Abu Dhabi.

In close cooperation with our customers and partners around the world, we ensure this sporting event is implemented successfully and that sponsorship investments achieve the maximum desired effect.

With our Magic Sky canopy systems – which we’ve been using at events for several years now – we provide a professional shelter solution to protect the players from the sun and rain. In addition to installing the canopy, we perform all the necessary ancillary work, thus providing a one-stop shelter solution.

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