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Gazprom football for friendship

On the occasion of the UEFA Champions League 2015 in Berlin, 700 children and young people from around the world played in “Football for Friendship” tournaments at various hotspots in the capital.

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As part of Gazprom’s social project “Football for Friendship”, 700 children and young people were again invited to Berlin. The project stands for friendship, equality, justice, health, peace, loyalty, victory, traditions, and honor – and it was in the spirit of these values and qualities that the football tournaments were held in Berlin in the “An der Alten Försterei” stadium and at the “Fanmeile” fan-fest venue in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

eastwestpromotion Projekt

The event was concluded in spectacular fashion with the youngsters going to Berlin’s Olympic Stadium to watch the Champions League final together. Children and young people from 24 European and Asian countries took part in the multi-day event in June 2015.

eastwestpromotion Projekt

eastwest pro sports provided all the personnel for this event, from security staff and supervisors for looking after the youngsters to project managers and assistants on location for coordinating the shuttles and transfers. Besides supplying the on-site staff, eastwest pro sports also provided the popular tournament mascot, Socca.

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