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Virtual Reality with Exozet

4 weeks roadshow through Germany - in the luggage a complete Virtual Reality tool to dive into the virtual worlds of the client.

eastwestpromotion Projekt

Our technology-savvy promoters have virtualized customers and visitors to shopping malls in major cities in Germany. The intensive training at the VR developer Exozet Berlin GmbH on the grounds of the former Berlin Tempelhof airport marked the start of an impressive tour.

eastwestpromotion Projekt

Virtual reality is the representation and simultaneous perception of reality and its physical properties in a real-time computer-generated, interactive virtual environment. Equipped with VR glasses, headphones and a controller, customers could feed hawks or archery in the virtual worlds.

eastwestpromotion Projekt

Our promoters not only looked after the construction and dismantling but also took over the customer care on site.

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